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LJ anniversary

So I started my journal exactly two years ago today. Since then I have posted 343 entries, making a total of 157,073 words. (For comparison, my entire PhD thesis is somewhat under 40,000 words!) My most overused word is anyway with 202 instances.

I have received 3,307 comments, 300 of them from rysmiel. The comments add up to 316,905 words. 138 different LJ users have commented at least once, and 86 of those more than once. (None of these stats include this current post!)

Exactly one hundred people at least theoretically watch my journal. I get about 1000 hits a month for the files on my server that are called when people look at my journal. I don't bug individual posts so I don't know how many people are reading on their friends pages only. Rather annoyingly, the Portland stats counter is partly broken so I can't actually tell how many of these hits are from me, how many from automated web-spiders and how many from real people.

I have reviewed 69 books. I have also read, but not got round to reviewing, a further 15 books. So not quite 50 books a year, but not too far off that.

An automated psychological analysis toy concludes from my journal that my most frequent emotional states relate to affection (more affectionate than 70% of LJers) and glory (more admiring than 61%). My most frequent self-reported moods are content (16), pleased (14), relaxed (13), cheerful (11) and thoughtful(11). Well, I guess that justifies listing being easily pleased as an interest!

Part of the process of collecting these stats, particularly the word counts, involved making my entire journal into a single XML file, with help from a wonderful tool called LJArchive as well as exor674's programming skills. I suspect there are other things I could probably do with this file now I've got it, if I knew what I was doing.

So all these words, and all the time I've spent on LJ (perhaps luckily, there is no automatic way of measuring how many hours this site has absorbed!) have done me more good than the statistics can ever reveal. I've made really good friends on LJ, and met several people who are on the way to being friends. And it's let me stay involved in the lives of people who are very important to me in ways that would have been completely impossible without LJ. It's let me get to know people who would otherwise have stayed casual acquaintances, and keep in touch with far more people from various stages of my life than I'd ever have managed by email. I've learnt a whole lot about all kinds of topics, and it's been a source of instant entertainment when I'm bored, and instant comfort when I'm down. Plus, it was a major, major factor in preserving my sanity while I was writing up. Much love and gratitude to all you guys.

Conclusion: I love LJ more than I could ever have imagined. I'm extremely grateful to darcydodo who talked me into getting an account. In fact, while we're on the subject of anniversaries and darcydodo, today is also her 25th birthday, so many happy returns to her!

Today is the 28th day, making four complete weeks of the Omer.
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