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Book reviews

Gah. I still don't have enough time online. I really, really miss all my people, I can tell you. Brief update: I've been spending more time with hatam_soferet and pseudomonas, which was really lovely and somewhat made up for being so much cut off from my online social life. We spent Friday in Ely, Saturday doing relaxing shabbat-y stuff, chatting and cuddling, and Sunday being touristy in Cambridge with lethargic_man. Apart from that, just hanging out with my parents and sister, making slow progress towards getting my life sorted out, and pining for the internet and the people I only talk to via LJ and email.

I have been catching up with my backlog of book reviews by writing them offline and waiting to pounce on LJ and post them. So, if you're interested, here are my thoughts on:
Nick Hornby: About a boy
Keri Hulme: The bone people
Cynthia Voigt: The runner

To follow: David Baddiel: The Secret purposes and Joanna Trollope: A passionate man.

Also, my domain forwarding system seems to be passing on all the spam and somehow losing all the real mail. If you have recently sent anything to my vanity domain, please resend to my gmail address, which is rachelgb.

I am so tempted to stand my sister up and stick around playing on LJ (while Dad is in London and the computer is free), but I am not in fact that mean. So I'm about to head into town to see an arty French film with her. Yay sis.
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