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Thanks to all the Londoners who have posted saying they're ok. I'm deeply glad to know that, and I'm not capable of articulating any other reactions at the moment. I'm adding the possibility of logging on and seeing reassuring posts to my list of reasons to love LJ, and I'm sorry that's a bit flippant, but.

For those of you in foreign countries who might not know, I'm several tens of miles from London and have only heard of the attacks second hand, so obviously, there is no cause to worry about me.

Addendum: Both my brothers are ok, since they have been in Brighton all day. I'm not going to be completely calm until I've heard from Spanish M, and I have no reliable way of contacting her at all. But so much reassurance from my friends list, otherwise it could have taken days for me to get to the state I am now.
Addendum 8 July: Spanish M is ok! And she answered my email! OK, I'm dying for her news and a single sentence telling me she's alive and in Spain doesn't quite fill that void, but I'm still much happier with that single sentence than you probably expect. Her email address works, at least, even if she's hopeless at actually replying to it, and that is a great relief to me.

Most heartfelt hugs or equivalents to anyone who is still missing people.

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